Top 20 Sellers at Artstation: Artistic Squad

In the previous months, we have been without posting, because we have been working very hard, and I know many people wondered what happened. Well, this is: we are in Artsation with the name of Artistic Squad. We received this badge: we are top 20 best sellers in Artstation. This is a very happy news, that we want to share with you all.
All these years, you all our dear customers and friends, have supported us since the beginning when we started at Renderosity, then at DAZ, and we became top sellers in both places. And now, it is very important that we also had success in Artstation. I know some of you bought some of the products, without knowing we were Artistic Squad (although you may have supposed that, because of some signs lol).
This is a very big thank you to you all! We are going to rock you on the years to come, always grateful of the great support that you all give us!


-Jordi R. Cardona-

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