The Night Intruder Outfit

The Night Intruder Outfit includes several pieces: a Hood (an independent piece so you can choose to use it or not, with adjustment morphs for hair, and pre-made fits for 5 models of EmmaAndJordi's hairs), Dress (with parts that can be hidden), thief Mask (with morphs to adapt it to any face), high flat sole Boots, and money Bag.

In the Dress you can choose to hide the leggings, the top of the skirt, and also all the corset and props, or the rope, the bag of the corset, or the keys. This way you can use this outfit for many other uses or mix it with other clothing.

You also get 10 Bonus poses included for quick scene building. It includes many materials to choose: for the full outfit and for each piece, with options to hide some parts of the outfit and partial materials, to allow you to create your own combinations.

See images and get it here: dForce Night Intruder Outfit and Poses for Genesis 8 Female(s)

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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