EJ Lorelei Deluxe Pack For Genesis 8 Female

Our new product for our DAZ store: EJ Lorelei Deluxe Pack.
It includes:
- A gorgeous and detailed character, EJ Lorelei
- A multiple looks clothing (bra, shorts, boyshorts, and shirt, which can be used together or independently hiding the rest)
- 10 expressions to show her personality
- Many materials for the clothing and the character
- Random makeups, lipsticks, and nail colors. Click and play with the Random icons until you create something unique for her makeup, lips and nails, or use the already existing detailed makeups.

Because of the many options to hide or show parts of the clothing, and the materials included, it can look in very different ways, from sports clothing for the gymn, to Gothic clothing, rocker clothing, casual shirts and shorts, or sexy clothing. You can use it as underwear, boyshorts, bra, shirt, shorts, or any combination of these alone or with other clothing.

See images and get her here: EJ Lorelei Deluxe Pack For Genesis 8 Female


-Jordi R. Cardona-

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