EJ Hiedra and Mother Earth for Genesis 3 Female

Our new product for our Daz 3D store: EJ Hiedra and Mother Earth for Genesis 3 Female.
Hiedra is a beautiful character for Genesis 3 Female, with an alter ego that is a deity of Nature.
She has a very natural and beautiful custom face morph that joins personality and appeal, and a detailed skin. As a Mother Earth, she has an impressive special skin that has moss, bark and other nature elements, golden leaved reflections, special makeups and eyes, and ears morph.
For the human part, you have casual makeups that enhance her beauty, and also special makeups of butterflies and dragonflies.
Choose to use Hiedra as Earth Mother, as a fantasy creature, a wood elf, or a very beautiful casual female character that will look great in all your creations. Hiedra is a must have!

See images and get them here: EJ Hiedra and Mother Earth for Genesis 3 Female.


-Jordi R. Cardona-

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