Seabrooke Hair for Genesis 3 Female(s)

Our new product for our Daz store:  Seabrooke Hair for Genesis 3 Female
Seabrooke Hair is a very customizable stylish hair with head scarf that can look wild, appealing and at the same time fashionable, perfect for boho chic girls, adventurer girls that love risk and want also be the center of all the looks.
You can put it all back on one or both sides, make it longer or shorter, give it more or less volume, make it straight, widen and mess, blow it with wind, and many more things with its 121 morphs. You also have lots of hair dyes: classical, two-colored, and Californian highlights, and 15 fabrics for the scarf. The many materials for the hair and the scarf and the many morphs give enormous versatility to this hair for any casual, fantasy or sci-fi character, or whatever you can imagine. A must have!

See images and get it here: Seabrooke Hair for Genesis 3 Female

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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