EJ Gloria for Genesis 3 Female(s)

Our new product for our Daz store: EJ Gloria for Genesis 3 Female(s). Gloria is a character for Genesis 3 Female, that includes Iray materials (in addition to the traditional Daz Studio's 3Delight ones). She also includes several custom sculpted morphs: head morph, vampire fangs, stiletto nails, long nails, and genitalia crease, all usable with Genesis 3 Female Base. The body uses Genesis 3 Female Body Morphs, and a specially detailed skin.

Extremely versatile and beautiful
, Gloria can be the next famous fashion model, as well as a glamorous diva, but she has a supernatural side too. She's a survivor than can also roam in the night as a feline rogue, or rule the storms and lightning as a super-heroine, or bite you and eat your soul as a vampire. A must have!

See images and get her here:  EJ Gloria for Genesis 3 Female(s)


-Jordi R. Cardona-

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