EJ Adora For Genesis 3 Female(s)

Our new product is released at Daz 3D: EJ Adora For Genesis 3 Female(s).
Adora is a very versatile character that can be a stunning casual beauty, and also a fantasy creature that can inspire amazing stories. Once a princess of the elves, she became the queen of darkness in her afterlife. A must have!
With casual makeups and lips that match perfectly, and also special options like: Mouth of Darkness, elven ears, 2 special fantasy eyes all red and all black, 2 fantasy full skin materials to choose, 3 fantasy makeups both for normal skin and the 2 fantasy skins, and extra detail icon to add extra pore detail for all her skins, that can be added or removed independently.

Get her here and see more images:  EJ Adora For Genesis 3 Female(s).


-Jordi R. Cardona-

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