Sela Hair For Genesis 3 Female(s)

Our new hair is released at DAZ: Sela Hair For Genesis 3 Female(s) is a versatile hair style with bandana, that can also be turned into a headband, and customized with many options and morphs. Sela Hair can be perfect for any casual woman as well as for stylish hipster girls, adventurers, pirates, fighters, fairies, and any character that you can imagine.
The bandana has 20 material presets. The hair also includes 147 custom morphs, in these 17 categories: All Back, Back Adjust, Bandana, Chest Adjust, Ears Adjust, Elf Ears, Face Adjust, Hairline, Head Adjust, Length, Move Ends, Move Groups, Shoulders Adjust, Style, Widen, and Wind.
See images and get it here: Sela Hair For Genesis 3 Female(s)

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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