EJ Etta For Genesis 3 Female

Our new character for our DAZ store: EJ Etta is a character for Genesis 3 Female(s), that includes Iray materials (in addition to the traditional DAZ Studio's 3Delight ones).
Her facial features have been modeled to be an ideal homage to the beauty of ebony skin, and featuring the special bone structure of the cheekbones typical of those who have African ancestry.
Special options of makeups can also turn Etta into a tribal warrior or a fantasy woman, or an Ishologu (African vampire) or zombie by using the fangs and the yellow eyes with vertical pupils.
She also has makeups and body painting, with lots of customization options. She also has a series of matching casual looking makeups, nail polish, and lipsticks.
See images, and all features, and get her here: EJ Etta For Genesis 3 Female


-Jordi R. Cardona-

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