EJ Rafaga

Rafaga is a character for Genesis 2 Female, with highly detailed skin and makeups, the most beautiful two-colored irises, alien ears, arms and body body painting, Sci-Fi and casual makeups, custom sculpted head, genitalia and ear morphs, and many options to customize her appearance.
She also has very elaborate body painting in chest, back, and both arms, in two versions: with stars glitter and without it. You can apply them independently, mix them, so you can have them in the arm you choose or both, and in the back or chest (great for renders with a mirror reflection), or both, all or none.
Also included are an all black eyes option that you can mix with the different iris colors included, plus 2 special cyber green and cyber orange Sci-Fi eyes.
See images and get her here:  EJ Rafaga for Genesis 2 Female, for DAZ Studio and Poser (with dson plugin)


-Jordi R. Cardona-

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