Yeah Buddy Mix And Match Expressions for Brodie 6

Brodie 6 has been just released and this is our expression pack for him at our DAZ store: Yeah Buddy!
Get the maximum expressivity for Brodie 6! A must have!
Yeah Buddy is a pack of expressions organized in three folders (FullFace, UpperFace, and LowerFace) for Brodie 6.
With them, you can apply an expression that moves all the face, or partial expressions that move only the upper or lower parts of the face.
Although they were made especially for Brodie 6, they also work on Genesis 2 Male(s), and figures based on him.
See images and get it here: Yeah Buddy Mix And Match Expressions for Brodie 6, for DAZ Studio and Poser (with dson)

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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