Solange Hair and Hair Combs

This product of ours has been just released at DAZ. This pack includes Solange Hair plus 5 Hair Combs: the perfect hair for all kinds of fantasy, historical, sci-fi, gothic, or warrioress characters, plus varied hair combs for all the possible themes. A very easy to use and versatile hair model, a must have!

Solange Hair is a hair model for Genesis 2 Female (and an V4/A4/Kids4 version is also included in the package). The hair combs also auto-adapt and morph with her.

See images and get it here: Solange Hair and Hair Combs for Poser and DAZ Studio
It's 30% off for a limited time, and if you buy them now you also get 40% off on all items from our store in the same order

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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