Genetica 4.0 Holiday Discount


Genetica 4.0 is at a 40% discount for new licenses as well as upgrades. The latest version brings:

  • Revamped interface: It's prettier, easier to use, with a big live preview of what you're working on.
  • Adjusters: Make tweaks and adjustments to your textures and effects without digging into the nodes.
  • Filters: Apply special effects to your textures or photos.
  • UV Textures: Create textures for your UV-mapped models.
  • PixelScript: Use scripting to open new creative avenues, from fractals to exotic transformations.
  • New drawing tools: Pressure-sensitive brush, freeform drawing, image trace, and more.
  • New nodes: Over a dozen new nodes open countless possibilities.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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