Isolabella Jewels For Genesis 2 Female At DAZ3D

This is our newest product for DAZ3D: Isolabella Jewels

Isolabella Jewels is a Gothic/Victorian/Historical/Fairytale set of jewelry. Fits Genesis 2 Base Female, Teen Josie 6, Gia 6, Victoria 6, The Girl 6, and Victoria 4 Shape for Genesis 2 Female.

Consists of a magnificent choker, independent bracelets for both hands, earrings for each ear, and rings for the left and right hands. Every piece can be used independently of the others. Use one or them all; you have complete freedom for your renders.

Hurry, it's 30% off for a short time!!

The diversity of fabrics, gems, and metals that is included has been carefully considered so you can customize these jewels and combine them with most of the dresses in your DAZ Studio/Poser wardrobe.
All of them are in partial material presets so you can pick the metal, gem and fabric that you wish and mix-and-match.
A must have for any scene in which you want to give your characters that special and elaborate accessory to make them stand out!

Get them at DAZ:

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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