Elven Fantasykini for V4, A4 and G4

Our new product for Renderosity: Elven Fantasykini for V4, A4 and G4.

The essential clothing for all fantasy characters! Fits any elf, fairy, warrioress, or any fantasy character that you could imagine, and is at the same time cute, sexy, gorgeous and carefully modeled, a mixture of clothing and jewelry to give your characters the look of high fantasy that you are looking for! A must have!

It's a Prime that you can get for $3.50! And if you are not a Prime member, it is 30% off till October 25! And it's for Poser and DAZ Studio!
See more images and get it here: Elven Fantasykini for V4, A4 and G4.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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