Cute Mix and Match Pin-up Expressions for The Girl 6

This is our new product for DAZ: Cute Mix and Match Pin-up Expressions for The Girl 6.

We are working with the Generation 6 figures and we have to say WE LOVE THEM!!!! The
Girl 6 is so cute, so pretty. We have done this expressions pack, that have full expressions and partial expressions, so you can customize them to your wishes! It's a very useful and versatile pack.

These expressions work in Poser too with DSON. All the Generation 6 figures render great in Poser, you simply have to have DSON installed, and all works like with Gen 4. When we have some free time we want to post a DSON tutorial, so all Poser users that don't have already done that, find easier to use it.

You can get Cute Pinup Expressions for Girl 6 here:

Hope you like them!

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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