Genetica 4.0 Released

Spiral Graphics Inc. has released Genetica 4.0, the new version of its seamless texture, animation, and HDRI environment map editor.

Soon you will be able to read a review of Genetica 4.0 here, for now here you are a short brief:

Significant new capabilities added in Genetica 4.0 are:

  • A streamlined new way of editing graphics based on tweaking options in an intuitive interface. The existing node-based approach is still there for power users, but is no longer a necessity for performing common operations.
  • A new filter system making it easy to for artists to add effects to existing photos and images.
  • The ability to procedurally generate textures for UV-mapped models, including impressive new operations such as texture synthesis onto the surface of a model.
  • The introduction of scripting, allowing savvy artists to extend Genetica’s abilities in intriguing new ways.
  • A host of new drawing tools including a pressure-sensitive brush, freehand drawing, image trace, and the ability to import vectors from other illustration packages.
  • A dozen new nodes, adding abilities such as smart blurs, tilt shift effects, selective focus, and more.


About Genetica

Genetica is a node-based graphics application that allows artists to non-destructively build textures and effects.  It has been used on countless projects ranging from computer games, to television programs, to architectural projects.
With Genetica artists can:

- Generate procedural images by stringing together different types of nodes.
- Create seamless textures directly from photographic sources.
- Enjoy the industry's only professional-level drawing tools that produce seamlessly repeatable results.
- Generate effect maps such as height and specular maps.
- Make HDRI lighting environments and cube maps for realistic reflections.
- Create looping animated textures such as burning fire or rippling water.

Genetica is available in Basic, Pro, and Studio editions.  The differences between the editions are explained in this table.

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