More Is More For Faelyn Dress

More Is More For Faelyn Dress means more textures and versatility for our Faelyn Dress. You get 8 high quality full mat sets and also icons for hiding zones of the dress.

The texture sets allow you to get even more variety for Faelyn Dress, to get the most of it!

The hide mat poses give versatility and a new appearance to textures. You can use them with the original textures that came with our dress or with this or other addons for Faelyn Dress!

This Pack includes:
- 8 Full mat poses for Faelyn Dress: Bee, Blue Butterfly, Butterfly, Ladybug, Autumn Leaf, Summer Leaf,Pink, and Purple
- 9 Partial mat poses for hiding parts of the dress: chest, overskirt, skirt, underskirt, sides and back, back and front leaving the opening sides and the ties, all the corset, the center of the corset only, or the openings to show the flesh behind the ties. You can use them to turn the dress into a skirt with top,make it sexier, customize the look...

See images and more info here: More Is More For Faelyn Dress for Poser and DAZ Studio

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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