Morphing Ice Pop For Poser And DAZ Studio

I have released this product for Renderosity with my wife Emma and my friend Naomi (lunchlady). Only through this Monday June 18, Morphing Ice Pop, new on the marketplace, at 25% off.

Get it here: Morphing Ice Pop

poser daz stone rock morphing
Get lots of summer fun with this MORPHING and CONFORMING ice pop, that includes poses,expressions, lots of mat poses, and the possibility to combine materials and shaders to make your own ice pop flavors.

- Conforming ice pop figure with 4 morphs to make it look bitten or eaten
- 42 MAT poses of different flavors for the ice pop, with their DAZ Studio equivalents
- 12 materials for Poser and 12 shaders for DAZ Studio to make your own ice pop flavors
- 15 poses for V4 with the ice pop for easier use and perfect posing
- 15 expressions for V4 that you can use with the poses or independently
- 2 ibl light sets: bright light and soft light + shortcut to delete all lights in Poser
- Render Settings Tutorial to get the most of your renders!
- Quickstart manual to learn how to combine the flavors and make your own ice pops!

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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