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Mirye Software and E Frontier announce the release of Shade 12.0.3, a major update to the Shade 3D product line of modeling, rendering and animation tools.

Shade 12.0.3 is available on both the Windows (32 and 64 bit) and Mac OS X platforms and free to existing customers. This release includes many performance improvements as well as new features and feature enhancements over the previously released Shade 12 in English, first available in February, 2011. Shade 3D is also available through the Apple Mac App Store.

General Improvements

- Update Background Texture on File Open. In Preferences > View Tab, option to automatically update background textures whenever a file is opened.

- Tool Parameters. Scrollbar is now available when the Tool Parameters window is docked.

- Subdivision Surfaces. The preset values in the Tool Parameters sets values when a mesh is created.

- Mirrored Objects Preview. Mirror object are now able to display in wireframe

- Python Scripting Improvements. New attribute "message" added in "message_view" for set and get message between message window.

- New Mesh Selection Parameters

- New options and shortcuts added to the Mesh menu, including selection of Visible Only. Shaded display supports visible only (default behavior of Shade 12). Wireframe by default supports Front and Back. Shaded display supports Visible only (the normal Shade 12 default).

- New Preview and Draft Rendering

3D Stereoscopic Rendering Improvements

- Set Custom 3D Devices. Create custom 3D monitor size and resolution profiles, accessible through the Monitor Setting By popup menu and through the Image Window.

- Custom Profiles. Provides several preset monitor size and resolution settings profiles, including Nintendo 3DS, Sharp 3D Smartphone, FUJIFILM FinePix REAL 3D W3, NVIDIA 3D Vision compatible monitors and HDTV.

- AutoDetect Best Settings. Shade cna automatically detect the best monitor and output settings based on current hardware profiling.

- Side by Side Rendering. Supports both full static and animation for side by side rendering.

Import and Export Improvements

- MPO Improvements. Optimized based on specific custom profiles for exporting in this format.

- COLLADA Improvements. COLLADA import and export support ambient light options. COLLADA for BlueMars support now available in Shade 64-bit version.

- 3DS Improvements. Import and export support Ambient light options.

- OBJ Improvements. Import and export supports Ambient light options. Supports multiple UV layers.

Shade 12.0.3 is available as a full download only and works with existing Shade 12 licenses.

Shade 12 is available as Shade Basic ($99), Shade Standard ($349) and Shade Professional ($749), under the Shade For Friends campaign. Customers who purchase or upgrade to Shade Standard or Shade Professional will receive either two or four additional activation codes that they can give to friends and are redeemable during the campaign time for copies of Shade Basic.

Shade 12.0.3 is available through the Shade download site at as a 30 day, free trial.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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