Just released: meshmixer05. New stuff includes:

- Reduce and Refine brushes to manage polycount, and an AdaptiveReduce brush that reduces while preserving details

- a ZipperEdge brush and a zipper-weld workflow to sew together arbitrary mesh boundaries - Extrusions of face areas, with hard edges

- a Bridge/Tunnel tool for joining areas

- a SmoothBoundary tool that creates clean edge loops for cutting, extruding, bridging, etc

- A fast binary file format (.mix)

- AutoSave - UI improvements (selection symmetry, free rotate, LMB-only camera controls, ...)

- Tons of bugfixes and stability enhancements

meshmixer05 is a free for Windows and OSX at Follow future development on twitter@meshmixer


-Jordi R. Cardona-

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