The Art Of Nacho Riesco

Nacho Riesco is a self-taught artist that has been learned motivated by the works of other artists, and his natural curiosity for discovering how things were done. This way, he learned a wide range of techniques, from pen to airbrush, and also pastels, watercolors, acrylic paints and oils.
Using airbrush, he created what he considers his best works, and also became a teacher of this artistic technique. He's been a professional illustrator in two ways: as a teacher of airbrushing, and as a commissioned illustrator for publishers, music companies, and individuals, although he never went full time on this.

Nacho Riesco is an artist of many skills, that go from traditional to digital disciplines, and masters many different areas of 3D, from modeling to fractal art, always showing great attention to detail and professional quality that makes him an unusual and talented artist.
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- In your own words, how would you explain what your artistic discipline is?
- I think that the artistic discipline of each artist is the way you can express yourself, today my artistic discipline is the digital media
- What made you start making your art?
- The need of creating


- What skills do you think are more important for becoming an artist in your field?
- Skills are common of all art fields, first try to learn the technical basics and then start creating, know to observe, to other artist and your environment, and the most difficult thing, find the way to express yourself
- What are your sources of inspiration (favorite artists and/or things that inspire you)?
- It is hard to choose them, inspiration is everywere from a TV ad to a museum...My favorite illustrator is Oscar Chichoni, and so many others like Simon Bisley, Brom, Frazetta....


- Which is the artwork that you consider your masterpiece, and why?
- Oof...I'm not the person that has to say that...each artist is very self-critical and never knows it, i think...
- Is there some advice you may give to someone beginning in what you do?
- To be as more restless as they can, speak with other artists, experiment with new techniques, try to learn watching...


- What are your future goals in the artistic scope?
- I would like to improve my 3d technical knowledge for be able to produce better images
- What else do you enjoy doing when you're not making your amazing art pieces?
- Watching the art of the others, trough tv, movies, museums...


- Anything else, as final words, that you wish to share with our readers?
- Give thanks for my art to be interesting and inspirational for them, and keep creating!

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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I'm very impressed. It's not everyday you see someone self-taught end up being so amazing at what he does.

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