Lost Stone Path

My wife Emma Alvarez and I have released this product for Renderosity. Only through May 22th, Lost Stone Path, new on the marketplace, starts at 15% off.

Get it here: Lost Stone Path

Build mountain passes, forgotten ruins, lost places... Use all together or independently in your endless adventures: rocks, bricks, arches, stone walls, panoramas, lights, morphing terrain...
This pack is 2 scenes and a toolset for your Runtime. Your imagination rules!
A product for Poser and DAZ Studio.
- 2 preloads with full scenes: the Mountain Path, and the Lost Ruin
- Stone archway
- 4 stone mountain walls: 2 short + 2 long
- Morphing terrain with 8 morphs that can be mixed to deform the terrain at your will
- 12 rock bricks + 1 round stone
- 2 grass props: single grass plant and group of grass
- A preload of a stone archway with all the bricks added
- Panorama that can be turned, moved and scaled
- 10 MAT poses for the panorama: 2 panoramas at 5 different moments of the day each one
- 1 single mat pose to apply stone to any brick for easy use
- 5 light sets for different moments of the day + shortcut to delete all lights
- 8 cameras for easy framing your scenes (4 for each scenery)
- Render settings
- Render Settings Tutorial to get the most of your renders!
- For DAZ Studio: shortcut to apply all bumps to materials so they look like in Poser

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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