View3DScene is a standalone browser for X3D and VRML, and a viewer for other 3D formats (like COLLADA, 3DS and OBJ), that is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It doesn't requires installation, just download and use it.

Almost complete VRML 1.0 support is done. VRML 2.0 (aka VRML 97) and X3D support is also quite advanced, a lot of nodes and features are implemented (including advanced texturing and GLSL shaders, PROTO and EXTERNPROTO support, events mechanism with routes, sensors and interpolators).

View3DScene also includes extensions for VRML as dynamic shadows, GLSL shaders and bump mapping.

VRML continues to being a popular export format, and an awesome world to explore for virtual 3D immersive art and a behicle of doing serious 3D worlds online or for distribution. Its only problem is the lack of a better graphic effects, something that View3DScene has solved, with the incorporation of these features.

View3DScene is part of the Kambi VRML Game Engine.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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