Mirye Software Releases Shade 12 For Mac OS X And Windows

New version of Shade has new interface, rendering compatible with 3D tv,
better material handling for animation and game development.

Beaverton, OR March 3, 2011 -- Mirye Software announces Shade 12, the
powerful modeling, animation and rendering platform for Windows and Mac OS X
32 and 64 bit systems. Shade 12 features a powerful, enhanced renderer that
can make use of multiple cores and network rendering using ShadeGrid nodes.

New Features in Shade 12

- New Shade 12 User Experience. A completely redesigned interface that
intelligently groups related tool sets and allows users to immediately
switch between established workspaces, such as modeling, animation and
rendering, or set up custom workspaces. New preview options including GLSL
Phong rendering (with OpenGL 2 support), fast preview rendering and preview
stereoscopic 3D.

- 2D Illustration and Photos to 3D Models. SketchModeler makes it easy to
turn 2D illustrations into 3D characters. PhotoModeler lets you take
multiple photographs and turn buildings and objects in them into 3D objects.

- New Modeling Options. Powerful Mirror tool for mirroring geometry, magnet
tool for deforming geometry and non-destructive cage modeling and
deformation for altering geometry, especially for animation.

- 3D Rendering Options. Advanced stereoscopic export includes traditional
anaglyph (red/blue glasses) 3D rendering used in new Blu-Ray and 3D capable
monitors and televisions, and the NVIDIA 3D VISION platform. Shade also
supports FujiFilm's mult-picture object (MPO) 3D format.

- Volumetric Lights. All lights support attaching volumetric attributes that
affect both composition and color. Shade's flexible lighting system works
hand in hand with other Shade technologies: 64 and 128 bit HDRI background
images in Image Based Lighting (IBL) and more.

- New Material Options. Support for Volumetric materials, unlimited images
per material, unlimited maps per mesh, making it easier to work with maps
created within Shade or importing maps made with other software.

- Displacement, Normal Mapping. The advanced native renderer of Shade
supports displacement for deformation of surfaces at render time, as well as
support for normal maps for enhancing surface details, especially for game

- Subsurface Scattering. Depict surfaces that allow penetration of light.
Create complicated hues and shadows such as those associated with jade,
marble, plastics, and human skin.

- COLLADA Import and Export Options. Import COLLADA animation (Shade Pro
only) export COLLADA format.

The release also includes updates and improvements to existing features. The
software is immediately available for download from
http://www.shadetrial.com. Complete product information is available at

Pricing and Availability

Shade Basic is $99, Shade Standard Edition is $349 and Shade Professional is
$749. Owners of Shade 10 can upgrade at a discount. Shade 8 users have a
very limited time to upgrade to Shade 12. Shade 12 is available for purchase
through the Mirye Software store site at http://www.miryestore.com

About Mirye Software
Mirye Software is the software publishing arm of Proactive International.
Mirye Software publishes multi-platform software titles for professional
developers and designers. Mirye Software publishes Shade 3D, a broadcast
ready 3D modeling, animation and rendering suite of tools for Windows and
Mac OS X. Shade is originally developed in Japanese by E Frontier
Corporation in Japan. In addition, Mirye Software also provides the Mori
Shade 3D collections and Meshbox 3D model libraries for licensing.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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