Poser Debu: Just $50

Poser Debut, the easiest way to start creating 3D art and animation at an incredibly affordable price of $50.

May be a good present for someone that is curious about Poser, animation or 3D, or for yourself if you wanted to start with Poser.

Smith Micro has created this new version of Poser that is a "lite" version of Poser Pro 2010. It has many of the features of Poser Pro 2010, while lacks of some. The biggest limitations it has is the limit to 2 threads while rendering and that you can't manually configure your render settings, although you can use the automatic render settings.

This is a limitation for the pro or the serious hobbyist, but Poser Debut is really cheap and is geared towards those people beginning in 3D. It really has lots of other features that make an excellent application and really worth buying.

The page of Poser Debut contains info and comparison between Poser Debut and other editions, so you can see what it's for and what features it has or is lacking.

If you never heard about Poser, check it too, there are lots of info in the same page:


You can also get it at Content Paradise, maybe it’s easier.

And if you finally purchase it, remember to visit my shop at Renderosity, you may like something.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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