Blender Used Illegally

Under the tittle of "Re-branding Blender", the Blender Foundation has published a heads up article in which they dennounce the illegal use of the source code of Blender and also the works of 3D artists by 2 websites.

Read the article at the Blender's Foundation site.

The most offending of all this is that they have deleted the credits of the people that code Blender, gave it  another name and sell it without saying a word about Blender. This clearly breaks the GPL license.

Not happy with this, they also took the images done by modelers and 3D artists at DeviantArt or the CGsociety, Wings 3D site and others and used them without permission on the sites of their fake products.

This is top fashion now: to live and make profit on other people's work. We saw this in the past with companies that used the virtual worlds of people to sell commercial solutions for others, without asking. Now we see it with Blender and the CG art of others.

What can I tell you? They are just parasites. People that do 3D art just want their money and attribution for what they do, and people who develop open source software like Blender just want their work to stay credited and open, and in the way of possible, the help of us all.

It is becoming too usual that some jerks make a business just based in working zero hours in a creative process and living from the talent of others. What world are they doing with this attitude? Obviously they are building a future of zero talent and maximum greed. But yeah, they don't care, they just care about their pockets.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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Omind said...

Found out about these weasels when they started spamming the comment sections of one of my sites. Funny also is when you go to the page that shows the 'extra software", one of the programs depicted is K3D, another free open source modeler. I am not sure why one would bundle two modeling together. Their 'bundle' makes no sense and all of probably can be downloaded free. Shameful way to make a living.

Jordi R Cardona said...

It is a scam. See this: There are tips on how to get a refund

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