Reality For DAZ Studio: Reality Softbox

A free DAZ Studio prop for their Reality plug-in. The "Reality Softbox" is a Studio prop that emulates a photographer's softbox complete with adjustable panels and patterned cut-outs. This light prop makes it both easier and faster to add creative lighting to your Studio scenes.

* The Reality Softbox makes it possible to control the spill and focus of the light by using a built-in feature called a "snoot" that "tunnels" the light until it floods the scene at the right point.

* Another feature, the built-in texturable "gobo," allows the Studio artist to add all kinds of patterned cut-outs for creative application of light effects and reflections. Some samples of cut-out patterns are included with the product and others can be created in minutes by the artist.

The Reality Softbox is free for all registered users of Reality 1.0x and can be downloaded immediately from

A fully-featured video tutorial that explains how to use the Reality Softbox is included here:

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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