GroBoto V3 Booleans: Easy For Beginners, Perfect For The Pro

GroBoto is a strange piece of software. On one side, it allows you to build intricate images made of tons of primitives, and create instant art of great complexity like a fractal generator. On the other it can animate and make videos of the evolution of these artistic shapes in time.


GroBoto comes with a render engine included that can render at high speed and produce neat and beautiful images in seconds, with stars, fog and sources of light.

Now, since version 3, it can also be something more: a powerful boolean modeling application, capable of exporting perfect meshes in OBJ file format.

See some turntables here:

GroBoto is a way to sketch and build 3D models at top speed, using many boolean shapes, each one with several parameters that you can adjust to make the most different shapes.

You will be able to move, scale or modify the primitives that make a boolean shape in every moment, and group the pieces that form them in groups. Once you finish your modeling, you can use it inside GroBoto, or export it in OBJ as a single unified mesh.

You have great control on how the exported meshes will be built.
By using dials you can set things like the beveling of the borders, and preview every change before exporting. You can even tweak particular primitives to override the settings of the whole object, until the exported mesh is perfect for your needs.

And those needs may be low poly (as games, or virtual worlds) or relatively high poly (as digital sculpting, render). Either way GroBoto will produce the right mesh, with the proper settings.

Many people are using GroBoto as a way to speed up their modeling workflow. You simply learn to think of objects as made of primitive shapes, something that most of us tend to do when thinking in how to build something.

Then, instead of fighting against the limitations of your 3D modeling package, you open GroBoto and build the shape, in a very simple an intuitive way.

After that, you export the mesh with the settings that fit your needs. And voila! You can then use it as it is, or continue sculpting the mesh in ZBrush, Blender, or Sculptris if you are a digital sculptor, or convert it to an STL or VRML file (for example with Blender) for 3D printing, or use it for a render application, or start adding the skeleton for animation... Anything you wish, with a flawless mesh that has no nonplanars, no complications, nothing to fix.

Complex shapes that are very hard to do without using booleans, or take a lot of steps and time, are simple to do using GroBoto. Think in a simple round hole in a box. How many steps do you have to take in your 3D modeler to get this? In GroBoto it's a child's play. And also ask yourself, if your 3D modeler has boolean modeling tools, what is the quality of the meshes it builds? And can your modeler face any complex boolean calculation? Or it hangs? And much more: can your boolean objects be edited at any time? Do they offer you complete control on how is the final mesh shaped? GroBoto can do all this.

And you'll save a lot of time because you won't have to repair anything. With the proper settings, you get neat meshes that have all what is considered a professional result:

- A mesh made of quads and maybe few triangles only where quads can't be applied

- A consistent and regular size of quads, that doesn't make render errors
- Micro-beveled borders (if you want them) that render well in any engine
- No nonplanar faces, no n-gons
- No overlapping meshes: everything in a single mesh, or in parts that fit perfectly, without overlapping.

More cool features: you can save your boolean models as primitives, add them to the library, and use them to build other models later.

Need to know more? Or you can now guess the possibilities of increased productivity in all areas of 3D modeling?

Are you new to 3D? Then GroBoto is also for you because you will start modeling with booleans, the easies way, and make perfect models, and in the future GroBoto will be the starting point of your more complex projects. A starting point that will give you no headaches.

Go now, get GroBoto as I did, you won't repent.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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