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This month Hiperia3D has become sponsor of 3D Hobby Magazine. 3D Hobby Magazine is what its name suggests, as it's obvious: a practical magazine with everything that people that like 3D may find interesting.

I also have an article in this issue.

In its pages, month after month, we find interviews with modelers, render artists, software developers, book writers, and also tutorials, and a community of readers that is hosted at the magazine's website.

In December's issue, available at their site, you can read:

- How Mateusz Staniszew made his 3D short film "Stairs".

- Manu De Mey explaining how to master lights, including IBL, in DAZ Studio

- Fugazi, vendor at Renderosity, explains how to master dynamic clothing in the difficult situation of posing your characters sat on a chair.

- Interview with Javis Jones, 3D modeler and tutor.

- Interview with Mike Jensen, author of " Zen of ZBrush", a must-have book that is recognized worldwide and is of great help for users of this modeling tool.

- Info about the Freebie Challenge monthly contest.

- And also an article by me, Jordi R. Cardona: "Begin Organic 3D Modeling With Sculptris" in which I introduce you to modeling with this free application and write about its possible uses, with links to web resources.

Also available at one of the biggest and most well-known 3D communities, Renderosity, 3D Hobby Magazine is a practical publication that is worth reading. Its 100 pages of 3D content are aimed to those who want to learn to master 3D applications, meet interesting personalities in the 3D scope (some famous and professionals, other hobbyists but with tons of talent), and read about what is happening today in the 3D and render world.

Get 3D Hobby Magazine here.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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