Wanna Free Sounds?

PDSounds is a website that contains lots of public domain sounds. They are recorded by people and uploaded to be offered as a public domain resource. This way, they can be used for anything you want, let it be commercial or not, like games, movies, animations, virtual worlds or anything.


Now a thought, valid for any other free resource:

Of course, commercial usages may be aware that the sounds available here may be a starting point for their work, as long as many others can use the same sound and if you use them without any alteration (albeit it is legally possible). It gives a cheap appearance for your project, and may generate some disputes with other businesses who don't understand what public domain means.

In addition, as this is a people-powered project, there is the possibility of some people uploading sounds that they've not recorded themselves.

Free resources under public domain should be considered as prime matter, and not a way to cut off professional jobs or a way to work less.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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