View3DScene 3.8 Will Add Sound

View3DScene 3.8, the upcoming version of the standalone viewer for X3D and VRML, will support sound nodes. This awesome viewer already includes stunning features for presentation of VRML and X3D files, that incorporate great graphical improvements.

View3DSCene is part of the Kambi VRML Game Engine, being developed by Michalis Kamburelis, who recently introduced his work in this scope in SIGGRAPH.

The engine adds new exciting features constantly. For example, this year, in addition to graphics, it has added custom viewports, that make possible to use this for split-screen games, 3D modeling utilities, or 3D worlds or games that show something like security cameras, or anything else.

In October, all X3D dragging sensors were implemented, and also support for zooming with the mouse wheel in the Examine mode.

Configuring Firefox for triggering View3DScene for opening VRML or X3D files is as easy as telling it to open this app when you click a link or open a file with that extension. Once opened, it gives you a great control, and you have available not only the very versatile VRML and X3D nodes but also the many extensions that View3DScene already supports.

At least, when sound nodes are finally implemented, we have a very strong standalone viewer for this format, VRML, already very present today in all software suites as an export format, and in addition, support for X3D too.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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