Sculptris: Free Digital 3D Sculpting App

I wanted to talk to you about Sculptris a long time ago when I discovered this fantastic 3D sculpting application. But better late than never, they say, so here it is.

Sculptris is a 3D modeler specially focused towards digital sculpture. You may know some other popular apps for this, including Pixologic's ZBrush. The difference is that Sculptris is free, yes -- free.

Sculptris was developed by Tomas Pettersson. Or I should say, by the brilliant mind of Tomas Pettersson, an extremely rare kind of genius that was able to join together inmense skills in geometry, programming and interface design for usability, to build an application that is so easy to use as modeling in clay.







Later, Pixologic offered Tomas a job. Some say that maybe to deactivate this serious menace to ZBrush. But we may also think that ZBrush wants to incorporate the awesome usability and capabilities of this little program, and get the brilliant mind of Pettersson working for them.

So Sculptris is also the story of a man that has managed to make a dream reality and get, by his will and skills, the attention of a big company like Pixologic and change his life. Really an encouraging story these days, not reachable by everyone but only by those who join initiative, intelligence and perseverance.

Go to and get Sculptris for free, then watch these videos in which you will learn how to use the application. Or just play with it, as it is so easy that you can get something from the 1st minute, and then watch the videos to improve.

Also, join DeviantArt and the Sculptris group there, in which I am Contributor, and send your works for all of us to enjoy!

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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