Merry Christmas, And Plans For 2011

Dear readers, just wanted to wish you a very happy Christmas and share with you my plans or will for the next year that will come in few days.

What I wanna make next year

I ended the last year saying I was going to do a lot of things this year that I've not done, so this makes me be more moderate and undefined in this kind of assertions.

So better than saying what I will do, I better talk about my will.

Because I want to be flexible at any time to adapt to anything. Many sites end because their authors are not flexible enough, and this won't happen to Hiperia3D. In this time of crisis, I am proud to adapt and now the situation of this site is much better than the previous year.

The honest reasons for expansion

I must thank you, the readers, for following Hiperia3D News, and your continual support and interest. I must tell you that what is for sure is that this site will always be full of the things you love and want information about: 3D.

I must be honest at this point. I will not cover virtual worlds so deep as in the past. You may have notice this has changed time ago. The reason is because of my 3D modeling career leaves me little time to be online in virtual worlds, or even to chat with someone or use instant messaging. I will be able to do it sometimes, but not as much as I want. Writing about something that I cannot experiment may not be honest.

So I will continue writing about news of virtual worlds, and publishing what's new on that, but will widen the spec of this site to focus on 3D in all its facets.

3D is a wide topic, and there are lots of things in it, each day more, not only virtual worlds and virtual reality. We've been seeing it all along the year: 3D displays, 3D printing, 3D art, interactive web 3D solutions, render art, and many more things.

There is also another reason and I will be honest again: virtual worlds can be lucrative for those who run them (not always, many disappeared last year). But for most people that write about them or make them publicity, they aren't. At least not as much as the 3D topic in general.

Except the side of building 3D models for virtual worlds, this last years have demonstrated that there's no indirect benefit in virtual worlds, and blogging about them is not the exception.

As I have changed the topic of this blog from covering virtual worlds only to 3D in general, I have noticed that this is highly beneficial for me. This has made this site something more sustainable and good, and that means it will continue online. Otherwise, I would close it and focus on modeling alone.

So no bad news. Hiperia3D News will continue the same way as it is now, and expand even more on all 3D topics, and won't be so centered and limited on virtual worlds only.

The readers will find this much more exciting, because we have a whole world to discover, that is renewing continously.

The personal side

Personally, I am very focused to 3D modeling now. I have abandoned the coding aspect, only keep it as a complement of 3D. What I do best is 3D modeling, so in the net year I want to highly focus on that. I have been modeling since 1997, and this is what I was born for.

I want to (at last) publish my online 3D portfolio this year, something that was posponed because of lack of time to work with it while developing 3D works. But now I have tools and knowledge to work at very high speed, and will be able to do it.

2010 was also the year in which I realized, as many people, how stupid can social networks be.

I will explain myself. It's easy to be tempted to belong to lots of them and don't use the majority at all. Also, most of the effort is geared towars getting faves, links or visits, that don't traduce into real advantages.

I just dropped all of them and only keep Twitter and Facebook. Now prefer Renderosity, DeviantART and others directly related to 3D and 3D art.

Some projects will be abandoned

To acomplish many of these things I will have to drop some activities that don't give any profit or make me spend time without direct compensation. That's why I have stopped developing my open source projects, and because of lack of time can't run weekly contests or perform non paid positions that don't generate return. I simply need all my time and effort focused to my 3D works.

Still, I can have activity related to 3D modeling, for example the GroBoto group at DeviantArt, and will be able next year to run contests with real prizes, related to 3D, in which you can participate.

Possible contests and events

In these years I have generated a network of contacts that I am thinking in putting it into action so we may make together certain activities that will be good for the public, for the 3D businesses, and of course for me.

I am also collaborating with other 3D vendors, and new and wonderful things will happen in the next year.

Running contest related to virtual worlds has little or no return vaue for me, but on 3D art and modeling the things change, and it may be beneficial for me, for Hiperia3D, and for the Sponsors, that will have value in return too.

* * *

Having said all this, just thanks for your support and wishing you a good 2011 and holidays!

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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