Upcoming: Blender 2.5 Materials and Textures Cookbook

2886OS_MockupCover_Cookbook I am currently reading the book by Pack Publishing "Blender 2.5 Materials and Textures Cookbook" and will soon publish a review here.

This is another book of Packt focused on the most popular 3D modeler today: Blender 3D. As its page on the publisher says, with it you can learn to:

    * Understand the new Blender 2.5 user interface that simplifies creation of materials and textures

    * Explore the complex task of UV mapping of a human face

    * Use the Sub Surface Scattering commands in Blender to create objects the way you want

    * Confidently simulate materials such as smoke, flames, and explosions using the Blender 2.5 Smoke Physics module

    * Create an entire ocean that animates and reacts with objects in the water by using the new Blender 2.5 features

    * Employ simple repeating textures that can be applied with infinite variety without appearing to repeat

    * Synthesize complex materials without complex mesh objects by using alpha transparency

    * Create incredible moving textures and materials by using Blender 2.5 animation curves

    * Create flexible materials that can curve around corners or apply themselves to complex winding meshes without unwanted texture distortion

    * Manage Blender 2.5 materials and textures and effectively apply them to your Blender projects

It's important to notice that this book, as the title says, is using Blender 2.5, the version of Blender that is now in beta and will soon be stable and offer lots of new features and a very improved interface, much easier to use. With this book you can learn to get the most of this version and be prepared for the exciting future that Blender offers today.

This book is now in RAW state. This is a great advantage for you, let me explain. You can get the ebook at 40% of the usual price. The book is not yet finished, but once it is, you can download the full book, so you get the same and save a lot of money.

Even more, if you like, you can preorder the print book at the same time as you purchase the RAW book at a significant discount. There are offers for the ebook + printed book that save 40% of the total.

Up to now, there are already 9 chapters, so if you get the ebook now, when you finish reading and practicing it all, the new chapters and the printed book may be ready for you.

"Blender 2.5 Materials and Textures Cookbook"

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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