TinEye: Search For The Original Images And Copies

TinEye is a search engine that helps content creators and art lovers. For content creators like painters or digital artists, photographers and others, it helps you to track ilegal uses of your images. For art lovers, it helps you to identify the author of that image that you like so much.

When you enter the url of an image in TinEye, it searches for that same image on Internet. Even if the image was altered or cropped, it will recognise the image, and show you the results and urls where they are located.

If you are searching for the author of an image, you just look for the bigger image, that hasn't been cropped, and visit that url to see if that's the author's page.

If you are the copyright owner, you can check if the sites that have your images are fan sites, legal uses, or just people making money from your work without your permission.

TinEye is one of the first implementations of image recognition for fair use of copyrighted or copylefted images. Remember the article about Semantic Copyright ? TinEye is the same idea, that is now a reality.


-Jordi R. Cardona-

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