LOS ANGELES (October 18, 2010) – As if a full day of reality-shattering presentations and experiences weren’t enough, those on hand at this week’s Immersive Tech Summit 2010 ( will need to save room for dessert.  Tricks and treats will take the form of a masquerade ball, conceived and executed by Mindshare LA, at Los Angeles Center Studios.

Immersive Technology Summit 2010 is the world's first gathering of experts and aficionados dedicated to exploring the technological reaches of imagination. “Immersive technology” refers to software and devices that blur the barrier between the physical and digital worlds, thereby creating “immersive” experiences. 

Kicking off at 7 p.m. and running till the wee hours, the latest Mindshare extravaganza will feature a mysterious program and 15+ interactive installations, including the Vortex Dome.  In addition to “Magical World of Immersive Technology” with ImTech’s Nathan Makino, Mindshare LA’s Program of Mystery will include:

· Seeing Dark Matter, from Ali Vanderveld, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics at the University of Chicago

· The Vanishing of the Bees, from writer and filmmaker Maryam Henein

· 10 Minute Wicca, from Seamus McKeon, Wicca High Priest and bacon enthusiast

· Big Red, one of the world's most talented balloon artists

            “The October Masquerade is always our favorite event of the year,” said Doug Campbell, Mindshare LA Curator and Co-founder.  “Besides adding an element of mystery, it's always fun to see an astrophysicist explain aspects of the cosmos in a fancy mask or silly costume.”

            Drawing Angelenos from the cultural, technological and business worlds under the tagline “Enlightened Debauchery,” Mindshare LA surrounds presentations from entrepreneurs, artists and academics with an ongoing open-bar party, and includes live music, artistic and technological installations from a variety of creators. 

“This after-party is an ideal complement to the Summit – creative, experiential and a true extension of the day,” said Makino, ImTech CEO.  “MindShare LA is joining our effort to bring communities together, with technology as an engaging means to that end.” 

Organized by Immersive Tech (ImTech), a new Los Angeles-based non-profit think tank, Immersive Tech will feature a full complement of industry speakers, panel discussions, interactive exhibits and product demonstrations, theater presentations in a 50-foot hemispherical dome, networking events and insider access to new technologies.  Through the collaborative efforts of Panasonic USA , Ronald James Television and the c3: Center for Conscious Creativity, the Summit will be documented in 3D.

Among the speakers at the event: Dr. JoAnn Kuchera-Morin, founder of UC Santa Barbara's Allosphere; John Smart, Chairman of the Acceleration Studies Foundation; and Greg Hyver, Vice President of Business Development, for BCINet, Inc.  Evans & Sutherland is the headline sponsor and Adobe and Virtual World Web are event benefactors.  Contributors include AV Concepts, BCInet, Big Look 360, Blict, Clearlens, Doppel Games, Fixed 8 Lighting, Global Vision Communication, Immersive Media, Metaio, Monster Energy, Ogmento, Parrot AR Drone, Robo Dynamics, Social Animal, Syyn Labs, TOOB, Total Immersion,, Virtusphere, Vortex Immersion Media, c3: Center for Conscious Creativity, and xRez Studio.

Immersive Technology Summit 2010 is the first of what will become an annual conference, with focused seminars and special events held throughout the year.   ImTech marks the kickoff of an organized and enthusiastic effort to engage the Southern California community in a conversation around these emerging technologies.  The next event is slated for Q1 2011.

Five Immersive Tech awards – “the Immys” -- will be presented at the Summit, in the categories of arts/entertainment, health sciences, research/education, communication, and interface.   In the spirit of the budding immersive tech community, fans are invited to vote for their favorites at

To purchase tickets for Mindshare LA, or to find more information about the event and featured speakers, visit

For more information on ImTech sponsorship, please contact Nathan Makino at

About Mindshare LA

Mindshare LA is a monthly event which serves as a platform for networking and idea-sharing among professionals and scholars from a range of creative disciplines. Combining multi-media presentations with music, food, drink and art, Mindshare LA is focused upon community building and intellectual exchange in Downtown Los Angeles.

Media contact for Mindshare LA:

Doug Campbell
Co-Founder, Curator


About Immersive Tech

Immersive Tech (ImTech) is a non-profit think tank, based in Los Angeles and dedicated to promoting the development and adoption of immersive technology.  The organization seeks to provide a new medium for human creativity, and sees boundless potential with the creation of perceptually-real, immersive environments.  For more information, visit

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