Shadows For X3D And VRML

View3DScene 3.6.0 was released recently and this means a great improvement in the scope of X3D and viewers for this format.

This is because View3DScene has added Shadow Maps extensions to X3D, and improvements to the browser itself, like:

* X3DLightNode.shadows field, to easily activate shadows on everything.

* Apperance.receiveShadows field, to easily activate shadows on specific shadow receivers.

* Easy menu items to control shadow maps, see the new View -> Shadow Maps -> ... submenu.

* New ProjectedTextureCoordinate node for projective texturing. Can project a texture also from a viewpoint now.

* Extensions to control head-bobbing in VRML/X3D worlds.

These improvements were already part of Kambi VRML Game Engine, but now they are also available for content creators using View3DScene as standalone browser.

The most usual criticism towards VRML and X3D browsers was the lack of good shading comparable to other technologies. View3DScene and Kambi VRML Game Engine show that these graphics features and others can be incorporated to VRML and X3D.

Also, the slides from the Web3D 2010 talk about Shadow Maps (and the paper) are available now.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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