Get GroBoto For $19

GroBoto  is a very unusal 3D application that you can use for different things:

- create fractal-like render images in seconds

- make animation videos with morphing and much more

- export models as OBJ

Here’s a video showing the morphing capabilities and animation of GroBoto.

The upcoming version 3 of GroBoto improves the OBJ export so you can build shapes using GroBoto as some kind of boolean modeler. Then the program joins the meshes into a single mesh, so there are no overlapping polygons, no unseen polygons. Meshes produced this way are ideal for organic modeling in Zbrush or Sculptris, Hexagon, Modo, or any other 3D app, and are composed of quads. Also works great for rendering and for mechanical modeling.

Here’s the big deal to save bucks, that I did and I invite you to do the same:

1- Get GroBoto from Content Paradise for $19.

2- Get the update from version 2 to 3 at Braid Art Labs for $30. Use coupon code 3UP72344 and save some bucks too.

That is $49. Or if you already had GroBoto 2, $30.

Another option is to buy GroBoto 2 plus the update to version 3 directly at Braid Art Labs for just $45, using code V4528327.

If you prefer to wait and get GroBoto 3 when it reaches its final version, its price will be from 90 to 100 dollars, which is still very affordable. Updates for version 2 registered users will also be available, but maybe they will be more than the $30 it costs now.

You can start using the beta version of version 3 right now. You will in fact - as I'm doing- enjoy version 3 beta until the final version is released, and then you just download the update of the software. That way you can use all the features of the next version now.

I will continue telling you more about GroBoto, because this unusual application can make a lot of things. Stay tuned!

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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