Koinup’s Second Life Wallpapers Now For iPhone & iPad

All the Second Life members owning an iPhone and/or an iPad can now easily bring a bit of their virtual life on the cloud by purchasing Metaverse Wallpapers from iTunes.

Metaverse Wallpapers is the mobile app built by Koinup for iPhone, iPod touch & iPad that includes hundreds of Second Life wallpapers and artworks, created by the community of Koinup artists for the Apple devices.

These are some screenshots to show you the extraordinary creativity and quality of the wallpapers:


All the wallpapers, expressly created to fit the display screen size of the Apple devices, can be saved and used as graphics wallpapers. This way, Second Life (and virtual worlds) members can now customize their phones with dedicated Second Life contents, images, art and graphics.

The app features some of the most amazing images and wallpapers published on Koinup, picked by the Koinup staff among the almost 300.000 photos posted on the website. All the wallpapers are user-generated.

Download the app from iTunes

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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