What Is Semantic Copyright

Semantic Copyright is a project to protect the author's work from abuse (let it be copyright or not), and also provide instant information for those who want to know the author and terms of use of anything on the Internet.

The platform Semantic Copyright is formed by public institutions, companies and individuals for the purpose of promoting the protection and dissemination of safe contents on the Internet, legally and with guarantees for both creators and rightsholders, and users of intellectual property works circulating on the Internet.

In this system, files will be identified by their hash code (long alfanumerical code that identifies files and software applications) or by identification patterns (images, music), and maybe by other means, without having to use any meta data (tags added to a file that may be deleted easily).

This will help authors to be protected against pirates and content thieves, and also will protect users against using copyrighted content without knowing it, or abusing a license.

There are many good consequences we may imagine:

  • Software may identify and show the author of Creative Commons material without having to manually lin to the source, so the license will be always respected and it's more comfortable for those who use it.
  • When you see a painting or image that you like, you will be able to know the authors and search for their home page on the Internet.
  • It will be easier to track piracy, and copyright infringement complaints will be automatically solved.
  • Sites like Rapidshare and others that often host pirate files will have no excuse to follow the law, because the legality of a file may be easily checked on upload.

This is leading us towards a future in which freedom and respect for author's right, both in copyright and copyleft licenses will be respected. Now we see that we don't need new laws but simply new technology improvements.


-Jordi R. Cardona-

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