Vue Free Personal Learning Edition 8.5

Vue PLE 8.5 is free, and has been updated recently from 8.4 to 8.5, adding the following features:

  • Global Gamma Control
  • Interactive Cloud Control
  • Animated Planetary Cloud Density Maps
  • Diagnosis Render Passes
  • Unlimited Material Painting
  • Terrain Zone Extraction
  • New Terrain Sculpting Tools
  • Advanced EcoSystem Control
  • Improved OpenGL Engine and Viewport Display

The Personal Learning Edition (PLE) is a fully functional version of Vue 8.5 xStream/Infinite.

The good: with the PLE, you can create complete projects, save your work for future use in the PLE and export to other applications, and never expires.

The bad: unlike Vue Pioneer, the PLE cannot be upgraded and you won't be able to open your scenes in the full product. It's a short term, learning solution only.

And the ugly: render stills and animations without size/length limit (renders are watermarked and carry a logo).

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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