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The creator of Xplorer2, a fantastic file explorer with double panel and lots of customizing options, has developed a way to find illegal copies of your files in file sharing networks.

The usual process to eliminate pirate copies of your software is to report the fact to the file sharing service using a DMCA complaint, asking them to take it down. The problem is to find these copies.

He has developed a crack tracker. Instead of googling here and there trying to find illegal downloads of your software, movie, music album, or whatever, you can use this free tool to search for keywords. Crack tracker will scour popular crack search engines.

Currently it can work with these filehosting sites: rapidshare.com, depositfiles.com, uploading.com, mediafire.com, megaupload.com, hotfile.com, easy-share.com, filefactory.com, 4shared.com, badongo.com and letitbit.net.

Download crack tracker (290 kb, alpha version!): http://www.zabkat.com/craktrak.zip

Using the program is very simple:

  • Start the program and search for a keyword (e.g. your program's name)
  • Wait until the search is finished and you get a list of confirmed download locations
  • Inspect the list to ensure that the downloads are yours (check the name and size)
  • Remove all irrelevant results pressing <DEL>
  • Sort the results by provider clicking on the URL header
  • Press <Ctrl+C> to copy out the results
  • Send an email to each filehosting site to delist their links

Read the complete description of the program here: http://www.zabkat.com/blog/14Mar09-crack-tracker.htm

File sharing sites have taken the place of pirate P2P networks and software. Maybe we see some solution to this situation in a near future, because the identity of the people that upload these files can be easily tracked.

In addition, it is obvious, as the author states, that file sharing services get a millionaire benefit from piracy, because pirated files are downloaded by many, and they get impressions for they ads and revenue this way, while legal, legitimate file sharing represents little revenue and little traffic.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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