Get Your SL Screenshots In The iPad

Koinup is searching for your best wallpapers depicting Second Life's cityscapes and urban environments to be included in the  application for the iPhone and iPad, Metaverse Wallpapers.

Metaverse Wallpapers will feature the most incredible Second Life images and artworks as downloadable Wallpapers for your iPhone & iPad screens.

So far, Koinup members submitted more than 350 images in the Metaverse Landscapes  and Second Life Avatars  groups. The goal is to reach at least 500 submissions in the next weeks and bring to the app at least 150 wallpapers.

Join the contest here: and maybe soon you can be proud in front of your friends that your entry is live in millions of iPhone and iPad devices

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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Pier said...

Thanks for the review, Jordi! We're working on the first app dedicated to art and imagery created within Second Life and we're so proud of the feedback we have received so far from the community and the media. We are recruiting the best contents to bring them to the iPhone and iPad users.

Jordi R Cardona said...

My best wishes for this project!

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