Anime Studio 7: Create 2D Cartoon Animation Videos

Anime Studio is a software to create animated cartoons, that shares some features with posing and rendering packages as Poser or DAZ Studio, but applied to 2D and cartoons.

Anime Studio Pro

In Anime Studio you can start drawing your art directly, or scan or import a drawing, or even photos, or using the resources of the library that comes included with the software.

Then you can create bones with point and click and articulate your drawings, and use these bones to move the parts of your characters without having to draw again. This is the main feature of Anime Studio that makes it stand out of the crowd of drawing and animation programs.

Later, you can import sound in Wav, MP3, or Aiff file formats, or record your own sound clips.Recordings get saved and then automatically added to your timeline for quick lip-synching.

And after all this process, you can publish to YouTube or Facebook, or save it as video, TV, and web formats, including SWF Flash animation files, as well as AVI and Quicktime MOV movie files, ideal formats for iPhone, iPad, desktop PCs, Mac or whatever.

Right now, you can get Anime Studio  Pro 7 for $199. And Anime Studio Debut for $39.Anime Studio 7 Debut

Anime Studio Pro is perfect for professionals looking for a more efficient alternative to tedious frame-by-frame detailing when creating quality animations, and features a powerful rigid body physics engine that allows objects to collide with and bounce off of each other.

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