New Poser/DAZ Product: Livin’ In A Mushroom 30% Off

My wife (emmaalvarez) and me have just released this new product for Renderosity: Livin' In A Mushroom, that is now online and 30% Off as a launch saving!

When we started to talk about making this product we wanted to show an archetypal fantasy scenery, those places where fairies, gnomes and other fantasy creatures may live.

An scenery that is big enough to create many scenes, and that people may get fun bringing their imagination to life in a fantasy world.

For post-work lovers, we also wanted to add 2D elements, those elements that people love to use as a butterfly, grassy rocks, trees...

We also wanted to make it very easy to add lighting, reflecting different moments of the day: the dusk, the noon, the dawn, different night illumination, a golden light, the greenish light inside a deep forest, the evening orange, and so on.

In the night lightning sets, the windows of the mushroom house glow like if there's light coming from within.

To make even easier for people to make their renders, we also added a panorama, that can serve as a background and can be rotated, scaled or translated to perfectly frame renders of any size.

We added cameras to make easier to move through the scenery, and render settings to get the most of your renders.

One of our beta-testers gave us the idea to add 2 textures for the terrain: one with a stone path and another without it.

We also added a fantasy lantern and a fence, two useful props.

And we also wanted to add poses for Kali and Kelm. There are some couple poses that are very fun.
We did this product with a great care, we hope you like it and are very happy to introduce it to you all! :)

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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