Frenzoo Launches Furniture Creation in the Cloud

Frenzoo just launched a simple, easy-to-use tool built with Unity, that allows anyone to create furniture using templates.

"Frenzoo has always been a fun place to enjoy creating 3d fashion and avatar looks. Now we're expanding to furniture and props. From sofas to swimming pools this will mean more choice in the shop, more atmospheric scenes and for creators, a new category of item to sell." -Simon Newstead, CEO & Co-Founder of Frenzoo.

This is really a browser-based item creator for the virtual world Frenzoo. It allows users to make and sell virtual items, without needing separate software or design experience. The tool gives freedom to add and mix details, patterns and transparencies using templates which are uploaded by Pro creators.

Mesh import with native 3D Max and Collada interface:

Templates are derivable meshes that are uploaded by pro users via a Collada or native 3d Max interface. Mesh import from 3D Max, Collada supported on new Unity powered tool.

Pro 3D creators can now start uploading any type of mesh to be a furniture templates. Templates support mesh as well as animations and avatar spots. For example, an animated cat template complete with petting animation could be uploaded, for other users to derive from. It is not limited to furniture only. Templates can be imported from native 3D Max plugins as well as via a Collada interface, supported on Maya, Blender, Sketchup and other packages.

Texture upload option:

VIP creators can also choose to upload their own textures for these furniture templates, as an alternative to using the inbuilt tool. This is ideal for those experienced designers who prefer to use their own software such as Photoshop or GIMP.

The new furniture tool is now in live beta at

About Frenzoo

In development since 2008, Frenzoo Ltd. (, is the first 3d online world with user generated content on the web. The destination allows users to create their avatar, meet people & 3d chat in animated virtual scenes, express their style and create content, all within their Internet browser. Mod sims and 3d asset import from packages such as 3D Max and Blender are also supported. The Frenzoo team is based in Hong Kong, and has been developed with seed investment from Ambient Sound Investments, established in 2003 as an equal partnership by four founding engineers at Skype Technologies. Frenzoo has a partnership with leading virtual content producer Anshe Chung Studios (ACS). Frenzoo leverages the power of the Unity 3d engine, used by leading entertainment companies such as Electronic Arts and Cartoon Networks. The lightweight plugin installs in seconds without any reload of the browser, and enables Frenzoo to deliver rich 3D content rendered in hardware, enabling high quality graphics, avatars and animations.

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