Beta Testers For E-on Soft

E-on Software, the makers of Vue 8.5 have just released Carbon Scatter, and they're calling for Beta Testers. Carbon Scatter populates the scenes you make with millions of instances, and render them with the renderer of your choice.

Although obviously not as powerful as Vue xStream, Carbon Scatter still lets you create complex populations in a very straightforward manner thanks to the use of native instancing capabilities.

They're searching for beta testers that will test Carbon Scartter with 3DS Max, for the mental ray and V-Ray renderers.

No prior Vue knowledge is required in order to become a qualified beta tester. As any beta tester, you just need to like finding bugs, testing things, are curious and clever, and in the case of 3D applications, you are a mix of 3D artist and expert geek.

If you are interested in beta-testing Carbon Scatter, please send an e-mail with samples and a description of your work to

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