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Marwan Y. Ansari, experienced software engineer specialized in game development and 3D, will edit a book called "Game Development Tools", that will be published by A.K. Peters next year, 2011.


You can submit your proposal, that must consist in an article about the tools you are developing or you want to talk about.

It can cover any topic in the game development industry, but main topics  suggested are:

· Content Pipeline tools (creation, streamlining, management)
· Graphics/Rendering tools
· Profiling tools
· Collada import/export/inspection
· Sound tools
· In-Game debugging tools
· Memory management & analysis
· Console tools (single and cross platform)

You must submit your articles before June 30th.
Visit their website to get an example of proposal that may serve you as a template.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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