MeshMixer 02: New Features

If you remember, MeshMixer is an innovative 3D tool to mix 3D meshes into one seamlessly, so you can build, for example, hybrid organic creatures like a minotaur or a snail-man.

See what can be done here. A new version of MeshMixer has been released, and includes new tools and features like:
  • New part maker tool and tutorial, for converting existing models into MeshMixer parts
  • New multi-scale smoothing tool and tutorial
  • New tutorials for hole filling and part drag-and-drop
  • Large part support (it might get pretty slow, but it shouldn't crash...)
  • Improved UV handling (only UVs in hole-fill and transition areas are lost)
  • Additional types of hole filling and drop deformation
  • Dropped part offset with controllable fair transition
  • Direction widget for re-orienting dropped parts
  • OFF import, COLLADA and STL export
  • Improved UI with more hotkeys and camera controls
Lots of bug fixes have been done. Get MeshMixer here:

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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